Monday, December 21, 2009

2009 Travel Dreams Came True: We made it to France, England, and Denmark Land of Rasmussens!

Marie Antoinette's village outside of Versailles was a treasure we loved discovering. Quaint gardens and farm houses in charming contrast to the massive and ornate palace and grounds built to impress royals and peasants like us. Denmark's version of Versailles named after King Fredrik V is a national treasure and houses paintings of one of my favorite artists Carl Bloch.
Bob and I received a framed print of Denmark's Fredriksberg castle as a wedding present because I had a dream of going there with him some day. 22 years later here we are celebrating our 'Danishness' as a family June 21 2009.

We climbed the stairs of the Eiffel Tower for views of Paris at midnight. It was amazing!!! Who cares if we missed the last train and got back to our villa near EuroDisney at 3:00 a.m. paying for a taxi to boot. We slept in the next day and watched German TV eating baguettes and jam waiting for our blisters to heal:)
We fell in love with London as we walked everywhere since the transit workers were on strike. From Les Miserables at the Queen's Theater to As You Like It at the Globe we were bedazzled and stood in awe of art, architecture, and the regal heritage of this magnificent city we hope to visit again!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Vacation Pics

Kasandra keeps smiling in California sunshine:)

Rasmussen Kids brave pacific ocean Dec. 30th Laguna Beach
Kimberly basking in the sunset view from our villa patio Dec. 20th
Topher sporting cool hat from OC fairgrounds Saturday market Dec. 27
Kara hunting cool rocks and sea creatures at Laguna beach tide pools Dec. 22
Bob and I at sunset Laguna Beach Dec. 27
Some think we're crazy leaving home for Christmas but this is our family tradition. Taking a break from winter is a present we look forward to each year. 

Monday, December 29, 2008

Rasmussen Family Update - Christmas 2008

This is our 21st Holiday Season together. It is time again to update those who are interested in our latest antics. New however is this blog/electronic format. Hopefully it is both easily accessible and easily disposed of when you have had enough of these meanderings.

Kara 9 has a favorite joke. It's a knock knock joke. You go first she says. So you say, 'Knock, knock'. She says, 'Who's there?' ... - Joke's on you:) 'cuz you don't know what comes next!!!Full of laughter, art, and energy, Kara's smiles and positive outlook on life are contageous. Piano composer, and part-time glamour girl, Kara loves searcing for lizards, writing poerty, and trying all kinds of sports. We love her kind heart and generousity.

Kasandra 15 - chomping at the bit to become a driver, pushes toward the best she can be while keeping a close network of friends entertained with her comraderie. She works hard at schoolwork, volleyball and basketball, piano, and photography. She adores our new ShihTzu puppy Pippin and makes Chex Nutty Buddies for fun. We enjoy hearing her magnificent piano practicing and stylish fashion sense. Her cheerful disposition brightens.

Topher 17 - takes acting seriously and has given it is best this past year. Playing the parts of Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing, King Henry V in Shakespeare scenes competition, and the roles of soldier and clown in A Winter's tale we have delighted watching his hard work and success. A lover of poetry and his i tunes collection, we enjoy his brilliant wit and latest fascination with English dialects.

Kimberly 19 - is a sophomore at Utah Valley University. Rooming with her cousin Natalie and chairwoman of the school spirit committee, she laughs lots finds her way through the stresses of college life with persistence. Balancing deadlines, committee meetings, social life, work and studies, Kim finds a way to be prepared and is enthusiastic about the future. With her father's connections, critiques, and doting eye never too far away, Kim is making her way with spunk and dependability. Her talents for organizing and planning events, delegating help, and hosting with flair seem to be winning great support for whatever the cause. Though not yet sure of what to major in, she is all set to run for an elected office in student government this spring.

As the author of this blog I am reluctant to speak of myself but as I feel obliged to document what I've been up to so I'll speak of myself in the third person as I often do in my head especially when trying to convince myself to do things I don't want to do.
Kristie's love of family and commitment to teaching the young children continues. Now in her 23nd year as teacher- eleven at The Waterford school - she was recently honored as an educator of the year at Waterford school. This honor includes a significant cash prize to be used for personal edification, a 'dream of a lifetime' experience. Feeling both humbled and grateful for this award, Kristie's dream of a lifetime will be travel to Europe and Scandinavia this summer. Feeling so fortunate love her work as teacher, Kristie feels committed now more than ever to creating learning environments that keep children reaching toward their potentials finding joy in the journey. Not without strings attached, the recipient of such awards owes the faculty a speech due the first Wednesday in April. It is to be a 'Last Lecture' type of address. Teaching and learning is to be at the heart of it all. Needless to say not one day passes by that she don't think about what to say next April but it's a grand topic to entertain.

Bob is loving his position as dean of students - especially with Kim under his wing and Topher on deck as a perspective freshman in fall 2009. As the ultimate helicopter parents, we have felt fortunate to have made our schools an extension of our home from preschool now through college. Time will tell whether this was a good idea but so far it's been great.

We have enjoyed awesome family vacations during school breaks - our favorite an annual trek to Newport coast at Christmas time. Soaking up sunshine and winding down with a good book by the pool with ocean views is a ritual we savour. We truly enjoy the correspondence this Holiday tradition brings. May this new year be full of love, laughter and a few nice surprises amid the ups and downs that attend us in every season of life. Thanks for your friendship and may the worlds of Facebook and blogging keep us connected even more than once a year.

Love always,
Kristie, Bob, and kids

Monday, January 21, 2008

Kristie's Corner

Happy Martin Luther King Day!

We got 18" of snow over night. Shoveling the driveway was weight lifting even though the snow wasn't too heavy. In fact I thought is looked a lot like cake as I was carving out stacks of snow to lift.

Topher got his first real job at Wasatch Pizza. They serve gourmet pizzas in the shop, for pick-up, or delivery. He recommends the BBQ chicken or pepperoni. The pizzas are expensive so they fill 'um up with plenty of goods. Topher likes his job 'cuz he can talk to people, as a cook or dishwasher it's not hard, and he gets free sodas. He thinks I might like the La Sal. It has Alfredo sauce, Mozzarella cheese, Feta cheese, artichoke hearts, sausage, and onions. When I get in the mood I'll have to try it.

Kasandra got to go to Vegas for the week-end to visit her friend Megan who just moved back there after starting the year at Waterford. Their family paid for Kasandra and two of her friends to fly down there so they could have sleep-overs, go shopping, swimming, and meet some of Megan's Vegas friends.

Kara loves the snow. Even though she had to wade in it up to her waist in our driveway, and she slipped on her tush in the street on the way to Sammy's house she just giggled all the way. Well, I better get her home now that its 4:00 so we can make a giant snowman before the sun goes down. It's time